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Yes! In the end we have a spring, at least in Poland. The weather at the moment isn't the best, but I love the rain. Shortly after the end of the year. Unfortunately, I have health problems so I don't go to school. I hope to return to it soon. What's new? How the weather is? Are you ready for the hot summer?
I will insert photos of styling proposals in the spring

▲1 Tattoos of name partner
No. No. And once again NO! I'm not against tattoos but tattooing the name of a partner? I don't support this. It isn't known what will happen in the future, we can after that person goodbye and then what? I know people who after a few months of knowing they are doing such a tattoo.

▲2 Bells
I tolerate styles of dressing people and their tastes. But the bells ... we don't live in the crazy years of the rollers and afro! This is the twenty-first century!

▲3 Very, very, very short shorts
The biggest embarrassment .. It is summer, it is very hot, girls wear shorts-I understand. But something like that? From year to year, these shorts are shorter...I seen too much. Much time I've seen such a person.

▲4 Sneakers on the wedge heel
Sneakers are sneakers. Who invented to produce them with wedges? It's stupid and I have nothing more to say.

▲5 Women's sweaters in stripes
I don't know why..but never I liked women's sweaters in strips..they are terrible.

I hope you enjoyed it. What do you think? Do you agree?

Long pause ... I'm so sorry When I went here and saw a message from you... I was in shock People missed my writing. Wow! I didn't expect that this blog you will enjoy even in the slightest. I am happy! With the project I got 6 and the activity of the 6 because I run a blog today. Despite the end of the year I decided to carry on this blog-in english, but I bet it my personal blog-in polish Later I will send you a link. See you

I wondered what to write .. Recently I read a lot about slimming, anorexia, and these types of cases. Sincerely? I'm in shock. Young girls doesn't eat all day..Others can only eat wipes..because they are think that they are thick. It is terrible.
Symptoms of anorexia:
✔Fast weight loss
✔Limiting foot
✔Depression, anxiety
✔Feeling overweight
✔Susceptibility to disease
✔Wearing loose clothing to hide weight loss
✔Compulsive exercises
✔Frequent use of tablets laxatives, diuretics or diet
If anorexia doesn't cured, she will lead to organ damage, hair loss, irregular heartbeat, weak bones and even death... So girls, thought to their behavior. Everyone is beautiful and the weight is only number that means nothing I hope that you will understand. If you have a problem with that, you have to tell parents or someone and go to the doctor. Do you want to die? I don't think, so do something about it..please.

Girls, it is already spring. I set myself different objectives at this time :
✔ Running
✔ More walks
✔ Spending much time outdoors
✔ More sleep
✔ Revolution in the closet (I want to clean up in the closet)
✔ Healthy Eating
You can write such a list I throw a few pictures from the stylizations that you suggest for this season. I hope you like it. What do you think?

How are you? I just write essay about the place, I would like to see. I chose Lofoty. It is archipelach, which is located in Norway. It's a beautiful place! But I know other great places. And have you ever seen wonderful and unique place? >

Finally I'm here!! Along time I wasn't here. I had a broken laptop. Yesterday my parents bought a new.
It is better than the previous. But I tell you that I don't missing the internet
Now I am looking in online shop a dress
I found a beatiful dress What do you think?
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Yesterday my rucksack broke down! I very much liked this rucksack. He was pink company Nike and I could much put in to. I had him a three years. I must buy for myself new. Now I go to the school bus. Today I have a test to which I nothing know. Wish me good luck Of a nice day
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I would like to have a motorcycle but unfortunately my parents doesn't agree . If I had an older brother would be cool . My parents bought him a motorcycle and he drove to me . I can go and know about it. Often I drove with friends. I love to feel the speed and adrenaline. This is my passion. What do you think? Do you like motorcycles ?

Do you remember when I wrote about it once I'd like to have a cat ? The parents agreed but the dog !! I am very happy! And have you any pets?
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Today was terrible . I had a test and two quizzes didn't know nothing . On the Internet I found an amazing teddy bear ! It has nearly 2 meters tall. He are beautiful. I fell in love with him. I would like to have one . What do you think about him ?
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Like I said I'll give you the recipe for home- mask hair
-coconut milk.
Peel the avocado and mash them with a fork . Mix the mass with coconut milk , mixed to the consistency of the ingredients resemble the consistency of shampoo to wash hair . Apply conditioner to the hair for about 20 minutes. Then thoroughly rinse in warm water .This hair mask will give them a beautiful shine.

I'm a brunette but I always wanted to be blonde. Last summer I dyed my hair blond but failed to. Then I dyed it black and then twice blond. Blond probably isn't for me. And you? What kind of hair would you like to have ?
Here's advice for beautiful hair:
1.Use conditioner
2.Comb your hair in the morning and in the evening (or more often )
3.Don't use a lot of hairspray
4.Don't wash your hair every day
5.Dissolve the hair at night
I hope this advice come in handy . Later I will give you recipes for facial hair

I want to have a tattoo! Parents think it's a bad idea. But tattoos are great. What do you think? Do you have tattoos ? Or maybe you want to have ? I 'd love to have a tattoo anchor - it means self-confidence , fight and hope. I want to have the departing squab to mean freedom and independence. Is it good idea?
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How do you pass the day ? Me great I have a lot of ideas and I don't know from what to start. Today for visual arts we had a draw what weant. I had a great idea for drawing.I was inspired by a picture.It's amazing! On the Internet I found a beautiful dress! Unfortunately, it's very long and too expensive for me. I devised a great stylish !

I'm tired. This day at school wasn't easy. Now I listen to songs Ariana Grande-Focus . I love this singer . She is beautiful and has an amazing voice.
Tomorrow I am going with my sister for shopping. I need to buy myself a dress. I hope I will find something. I hope tomorrow it was warm because I'm sick. Now I am going to lie down and watch the movie " 3 meters above the sky " . It's a beautiful movie ! I would recommend to you . He tells the story of love between two people from different worlds.See you
  • awatar Salute, new me is comin ♛: Nie ma za co, polecam je z czekoladą :D A no i powodzenia z angielskim, też go bardzo lubię :) No i dziękuję, Tobie też super idzie, mam nadzieję, że nie przestaniesz po tym miesiącu i będziesz pisać dalej, po polsku lub po angielsku i tak Cię będę czytać! :*
  • awatar Takie życie, zacny człowieku...: I must recommend you second part of "3 meters above the sky". It's very surprising for me.
  • awatar Salute, new me is comin ♛: I dont listen Ariana but i must admit - she is so pretty!
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Today was a terrible day. I have bad luck. I got a very bad evaluation the check of geography and tomorrow in school is meeting with parents. I poured my favorite skirt coffee and I lost my mp3!! What is happening with me? It's probably by the fact that I slept today about 2 am. Now I urge parents to bought me a little cat. This is my dream.Cats are so cute. I go on to urge parents. I hope that they agree. Wish me luck Nice evening
  • awatar Takie życie, zacny człowieku...: I hope you'll get the cat! I love animals, but at most the cats exactly.
  • awatar Salute, new me is comin ♛: @Drożdże piję na włosy - są zdrowsze i o wiele szybciej rosną :) A to przepis: http://www.motywujemy24.pl/upload/images/large/2014/10/nalesniki_bialkowe_wg_motywujemy24_2014-10-16_18-39-01.jpg A propo to czytałam że ten blog to zadanie domowe z angielskiego, tak? A jakieś dodatkowe czy jak? Twoja nauczycielka go czyta, czy tak o zadała? Możesz mi coś więcej o tym opisać, bo bardzo ciekawa sytuacja :)
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Short about my world
1.I have parents and sister
2.I'm in the second high school
3.Every day I watch Ghost Whisperer on TVN 7
4.At night when I can't sleep I watch Tom and Jerry or The Amazing World of Gumball
5.Still I something break!! (telephones, television, radio, windmills, around the cables to the power, etc.)
6.I love chemistry
7.I am vegetarian
8.I like listening to music
9.I would like to be blonde
10.I like to write short stories
I just want to add that on this blog I wrote about all sorts of things: about what interests me, what I like and what annoys me

Hi, I'm Daria
I will lead this blog as homework in English. I like this language and I want to work on his style of speech and vocabulary. I hope that the blog will be interesting.Please, write in the comments what do you think .Happy reading