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I wondered what to write .. Recently I read a lot about slimming, anorexia, and these types of cases. Sincerely? I'm in shock. Young girls doesn't eat all day..Others can only eat wipes..because they are think that they are thick. It is terrible.
Symptoms of anorexia:
✔Fast weight loss
✔Limiting foot
✔Depression, anxiety
✔Feeling overweight
✔Susceptibility to disease
✔Wearing loose clothing to hide weight loss
✔Compulsive exercises
✔Frequent use of tablets laxatives, diuretics or diet
If anorexia doesn't cured, she will lead to organ damage, hair loss, irregular heartbeat, weak bones and even death... So girls, thought to their behavior. Everyone is beautiful and the weight is only number that means nothing :) I hope that you will understand. If you have a problem with that, you have to tell parents or someone  and go to the doctor. Do you want to die? I don't think, so do something about it..please.

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