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▲1 Tattoos of name partner
No. No. And once again NO! I'm not against tattoos but tattooing the name of a partner? I don't support this. It isn't known what will happen in the future, we can after that person goodbye and then what? I know people who after a few months of knowing they are doing such a tattoo.

▲2 Bells
I tolerate styles of dressing people and their tastes. But the bells ... we don't live in the crazy years of the rollers and afro! This is the twenty-first century!

▲3 Very, very, very short shorts
The biggest embarrassment .. It is summer, it is very hot, girls wear shorts-I understand. But something like that? From year to year, these shorts are shorter...I seen too much. Much time I've seen such a person.

▲4 Sneakers on the wedge heel
Sneakers are sneakers. Who invented to produce them with wedges? It's stupid and I have nothing more to say.

▲5 Women's sweaters in stripes
I don't know why..but never I liked women's sweaters in strips..they are terrible.

I hope you enjoyed it. What do you think? Do you agree? :d

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